Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White (2 weeks after) Christmas!!

Last Friday I woke up to the above.   There were two men on the roof for hours.  Thankfully they fixed the roof when they did...
...because the above happened Sunday night.
The above is the view from the back porch.
4.5 inches Sunday night.  By Monday morning, we had well over 5 inches of snow!

We celebrated by making waffles.

We celebrated even more by making macaroni and cheese.

Monday we walked down to the park.

Brad and Faith doing their best Bigfoot photo impression.

Rocket slide surrounded by snow.

Brad surveying the land.

When we returned, I built this guy on the top of my car.

Brad decided to add some class to my snowman.

Later that afternoon we took a walk to the grocery store.

We would have driven, but Tuttle didn't quite make it.

The snow has all but vanished from the streets, but it's still holding strong in our yard.  While it was a fun couple of days, I can honestly say I'm ready for spring: )

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