Tuesday, November 8, 2011


11:23 p.m. Tuesday night.  I can't sleep so I'll try and get everything in my brain out into the open.

  1. Faith and I will be married in approximately four months!  It's really a wonderful thing to come home to someone who loves you.  I can't wait to start doing husband-y things like fixing the sink, washing the dog, and being a great cook.  I'm sure Faith believes I can do all of those things with flawless execution.  
  2. Today my coworkers and I went out for lunch.  I feel that we should do this at least once a week.  It's nice to actually get to know the people you're working with.
  3. Faith's sister has asked me to make her a mixed CD of music that I enjoy.  My first draft playlist has 49 tracks.  I LOVE making mixed CDs!  Although the last time I made one was for a girl I was interested in who was much younger than I am.  I remember the look on her face when I gave her the CD I had spent so much time on.  It was a look of bewilderment, embarrassment, and pity.  "I don't think I remember the last time I saw a CD" she said.  We dated for two weeks.  
  4. My sister and brother in law just got a new puppy.  His name is Charlie.  He is awesome:
     5.  Speaking of my sister, her 10 year high school reunion was a few weekends ago.  This means that my         10 year reunion is coming up in less than a year. Will I go?  Of course I will!  I'm actually looking forward to it.  There's food, prizes, and dancing.  AND you get to see how everybody's visual appearance has changed, which is kind of my favorite part.

    6.  My parents' 31st wedding anniversary is at the end of this month.  If you've met them, you should be honored.  

   7.  We move in 13 days.  It's really hard to believe that we've been in this house for a year!  So much has happened this past year that I'm  thankful for.  

   8.  I'm considering doing an accelerated degree program after I get my associate's degree.  The director of the department I used to work for recommended it to me.  Basically, I'd get a bachelor's degree in healthcare administration in a little over a year, which would be awesome.  I'll have to work out the difference of cost, but it may just happen.  

  9.  Speaking of school...it's almost over for the semester!  It's been quite an interesting fall!  My brain has been workin' overtime to learn my new job and still have space for asteroids, galaxies, and classical music.  It's kind of fun going back to school at this age and seeing what 18 year olds of today are like.  They aren't much different than I was, I suppose.  They dress nicer, but that's not really saying much.  

  10.  My old buddy Jarrett will be back in the natural state for the first time since August next month.  It'll be good to chat him up.

  11.  My friend Jessi got a new job!  It's very exciting and I'm very proud of her!  She deserved a new job!

  12.  My band, 5 Point Cove, is really hitting on all cylinders.  We had a great show at The Rev Room a few weeks ago, and are looking forward to playing again soon.  We're experimenting with new sounds constantly and I keep trying to write decent lyrics.  It's tough!  Thankfully, decent lyrics aren't a prerequisite to success in the music business anymore.  Although, I don't know that there's really a formula for success in the music business anymore; or even a music business for that matter.

We're now nearing midnight(yes, you and me).  I suppose I should give sleep another try since I need to be up early in the morning.  

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